Sunday, January 4, 2015

Pictures around Christmas time 2014

Some of the captions are guesses or quite generic.  We're trying to convince /train 
Tanner to include descriptions of the pictures to help us out :-)

Elder Bybee...maybe visiting a live nativity?

 Some cool lit-up building in Ottawa...

Tanner, Elder Bybee, and Elder Gonzalos in front of the cool building

Elder Bybee in front of the cool building again...

Snowball fight!

Christmas in Ottawa!

Tanner has taken advantage of the Legos we send to keep him happy :-)

Tanner's desk

Decorations from Mom

Dinner with other elders and sisters

Cool picture by a river

Food at a member's house

Notice the Lego baby Jesus and Nativity scene

Caroling by the cool building

How they get around Ottawa

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