Thursday, August 21, 2014

Letter #2

12 August 2014 @ 12:44 PM

Hey Family! I made it to P-day (which is Tuesday for me right now). The MTC is weird, hard, and pretty spiritual at times. Mostly we just do different types of studying all day. French is super hard, too many ways to say verbs and such. I'm in a trio with Elder Harter from southern California and Elder Keller from Connecticut. Elder Harter is really good at french and Elder Keller is tall and our district leader.
Sunday we had super awesome devotional about getting to know God. We sang 3 prelude hymns, but the powerful ones that stuck out to me was Hope of Israel and Nearer my God to Thee. I was getting goose bumps.
Today we went to the temple and we did sealings, which was a new experience. The sealer was really nice and told us all about what was happening and that we should look up the covenants we make and do some research about all the stuff we have.

Thanks so much for being married in the temple Mom and Dad! I am so glad to be born in the covenant and not have to wait for 300 something-odd years (one of the names was from 17 hundred something).

Je sais l'Elgise est vraie!

So it sounds like you all had fun at Bear Lake. I hope the rest of family did. And I laughed when I read how Dad yelled at me to get in the car. Good times. 


Thank you so much for the letters you all sent and all the support you have given me! I love you guys and miss you! Be safe, stay strong, work hard, don't fart in front of sister missionaries (it was really nasty, thankfully not one my companions), and be happy because everything is awesome.

I love you and Au revoir pour aujour'hui,

Elder Perkes

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