Thursday, August 21, 2014

Letter #3

19 August 2014 @ 1:26 PM

Thank you so much for all the letters! I have been getting the dear elders and they are pretty great to read at the end of a long day. I also did get the album book which is fun to look at. The pictures you emailed me are pretty great. Tell Kennion he's a dork and Nikkolas is rocking the uniform. So, there's this weird thing where the computers here you have to have a special outlet to plug in your memory card for pictures and it costs a bit, so Elder Clark in our district bought one that we could all share... But I don't know where he is right now so I'll have to send pictures later.

So this week was pretty good, I guess. We study most of the day. Some days we get a little off track and everyone starts telling stories about skydiving or getting arrested (the situation was weird but he was innocent). It's fun listening to everyone's stories. I tried going to get the box from Connie on Thursday, but I went to late and it was all dark so I'll try Thursday morning this week. I had this crazy dream where I was back at home doing laundry and Mom was telling me to do stuff and then Debbie came over to talk about a giant water slide you guys all had planned for something. It wasn't all that exciting but I felt at home. We've had 2 days where it rained for a little bit, today being one, and the rest of the days have been pretty clear and hot. It was raining when we walked out of the temple today (which was great, we just did a session but it felt so nice to be inside and it was so people and I felt the spirit. L'Eglise est vrai!). Sunday, though, is definitely the best day of the week. Elder Oaks's daughter, Jenny Baker, came and spoke to us and played some really cool pieces on the violin with her kids. All her kids are pretty good musicians, the oldest being 11. The oldest girl played the piano and she was awesome, the next sister played the cello and the brother played the classical guitar. They also had a family friend who I think was around 19 (because she was heading to the MTC soon) who played a variety of woodwind instruments. All of them did super well. Then we watched a video that Elder Holland gave about teaching. A bunch of people thought it was super boring but I took notes and got quite a bit from it.

French is coming, but it's still super hard. The teachers just keep talking faster and more different words and it seems a little bit crazy, but I'm trying to study.

Not much else really besides trying to eat too much and running in circles during gym time. I did find out they play four square which is pretty fun, so maybe I'll do that a bit more. I ran for 30 minutes straight one day. I felt pretty proud of myself, hoping one day I might be as buff as Mom.

I love you all, I love your letters and all the notes you put in my suit case, I miss you, I am praying for you. Thanks you so much for everything!

Elder T. Perkes

Thanks for all your love and prayers on Tanner's behalf!

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