Thursday, February 26, 2015

Letter #28

23 February 2015 @ 10:45 a.m.

So we had a pretty crazy week this week.

We are preparing Patrick, one of the recent converts, to receive the priesthood. He's pretty solid, he just has a few feelings of inadequacy. But hey, don't we all? (I do, definitely. But I'm getting better) Tuesday night we started a split with the Zone Leaders. It was way fun. I was in Champlain area with Elder Anderson on Wednesday and we had a full day. We got smurfed by a potential investigator (she was not home at the time we set the appointment) so we were able to teach a less-active member. After that, we had an appointment with a couple of ladies from Burma. It was an odd lesson because only 1 of them understood English well enough so she was translating the whole time. At first they seemed pretty open, but then they started closing off when we started explaining modern revelation. They were very Bible centered. And then, at the very end, we found out the lady who could speak English was their preacher. . . Which explained the great memorization of the Bible. But we had an amazing DA after. It was a less-active family that the ward had been trying to contact for years, and the Champlain Elders were able to set up a Dinner Appointment. They are both in the Canadian version of the FBI, aka the RCMP, and the father was even a body guard for the Prime Minister. We had an amazing little lesson (is was short because their 3 boys who were all over the place) and we shared Ether 12:27, which the mother really liked. We had some great conversations and as we were leaving the oldest boy asked if we could come back! 
Then, on Thursday, we took Elder Artica to the bus stop and he left to Trois Riviere and then that night we picked up Elder Hernandez. He's way cool. He's from Mexico and his a cool accent.

Friday was Zone Conference (yay!). We had some good trainings on how we can better work with our ward leaders. One thing that was emphasized was keeping the vision of strengthening our wards spiritually, and how some specific plans on how we can do that. Our stake goals are to 1. Strengthen individual and family spirituality 2. Learn to make and keep covenants 3. Love and serve God's children and 4. Rise out of obscurity and and shine truth and light. 

Later that night we played soccer again and the Spanish Elders even got some good contacts.
Sunday they announced some pretty big changes. The Ottawa stake is moving boundaries AND they reorganized our bishopric. So, some big changes are heading our way. And it is supposedly -19 degrees outside right now, not including windchill. And the snow has been coming down, which is nice because sunny days are colder than snowy days. But it's sunny right now. 
Yay freezing!

Elder Perkes

Funny postcard at the Zone Leader's apartment

"Arise and Shine Forth..." Ha, they have a different idea.

Shopping at Kanata

Some pants that Elder Aritca left me

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