Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Letters #29 & #30

2 March 2015

This week was pretty great. We were able to visit some less-actives and we played Volleyball with the youth on Tuesday. Wednesday Elder Mataoa woke up and forgot he was District Leader, so he made a few last minute assignments and pretty much improvised the meeting. Actually, it is more missionary like to describe it as he followed the promptings of the spirit. It turned out to be a pretty good District Meeting in the end. We talked about wow we were on a mission and why we were STILL on a mission and what we can do to become better. Later that night we went to one of the sisters' part-member families that they have been teaching and gave them a blessing. Then on Thursday we gave a blessing to a less-active in the YSA, a blessing to a less-active in our own ward who was in the hospital, and a blessing to the Sisters' investigator that just had surgery. We were very busy that day and after all that we went to the Booths, an older couple in our ward. They fed us some delicious spaghetti, and after we had some fried doctrine. The way Brother Booth explained it was that fried food is really good food, therefore fried doctrine is really good doctrine. We talked about how important it is to not only gain the trust of the people around you, but also of Heavenly Father. How you do that is keep your promises, aka, your covenants.
Saturday we had uneventful transfer calls (pretty much everyone is staying the same). I did hear that my trainer, Elder Hunter, is now a Zone Leader, which is pretty exciting for him. 

Sunday was pretty great. It was the last testimony meeting before the big boundary changes of the stake. But we met this man named Chiddi. He's from Nigeria and was invited to come to church by his supervisor at work. He even asked for a Book of Mormon after the Gospel Principles class! So we will be following up with him sometime this week. 

So it was a pretty good week.

Elder Perkes

2 Degrees outside so Elder Mataoa decided to bring out the flip flops :-)

Canadian Pizza Pride

9 March 2015

So this week started with doing Splits with the Spanish Elders. We were able to visit the Paredes family. They are from Peru and I helped Hermana Paredes with her English homework, and she really appreciated it because she was able to practice more effectively with me.

One of the guys in our ward, Jaden Wilsted, just got his mission call and he leaves in June! It's pretty cool. We were able to have some great lessons this week and we helped the new senior couple, the Paynes (from Sandy, Utah), move in and the Adams move out. It was kind of sad to see them go. On Friday we had an Elder Quorum Activity and all our regular non-member soccer players showed up. I didn't play soccer, but Elder Mataoa said it was fun. I was playing some card games with our members. Saturday morning we helped move the mother of a member and she gave us some pretty good pizza.

On Sunday we had a big Stake meeting where they changed our boundaries and added a new ward! Our area is now a lot smaller, which is better for the buses. After that we visited some part-member/less-active familes with Brother Heagle, an older guy in our ward. He's pretty cool.

Not too too much, but it was a good week.

Elder Perkes

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