Monday, March 16, 2015

Letters #31

16 March 2015 @ 10:50 a.m.

This week started with some haircuts. There is this awesome family who used to be in our ward (boundary changes) named the Wilsteds. The mom is a pro hair stylist person so she cut all our hair. So that was super nice of her. After, I went with Elder Gonzalez again and we visited one of their investigators. We were only able to stay for a little bit, but they are super fun. The 2 kids speak English and Spanish and French but the mom only speaks Spanish and French, but it was fun.

This week, because of all the changes, we did a few pass-off lessons and meetings, mostly with the Zone Leaders. We actually did splits with the ZLs one day, but Elder Mataoa got sick and all of the appointments that Elder Anderson and I had fell through. And there was freezing rain, which is never fun. A major contributing factor of Elder Mataoa getting sick was that we are now teaching all the Chinese members. . . Ok, so not the Chinese are getting him sick. What happened was on Wednesday we were invited by one the Chinese members to go have lunch. So we were all ready to go, but he lives all the way down in Barhaven, which is an hour bus ride. But that was no problem. What happened was when we got off the bus we had no idea where to go. . . So we wandered around for an hour until we finally called him and he met up with us. The problem with wandering around for an hour was that even though the sun was shining and it looked like a beautiful day, Elder Mataoa did not bring his coat and it was very windy. But he is getting better now, and the delicious Chinese food was worth it. Another Chinese story (we had a lot this week): We were at church and we were going to Priesthood and we met this Chinese man who just came on his own. He's a non-member and his name is Bruce and he really likes our church, from what I could tell. So we will be seeing him tomorrow and we are pretty happy to have some Chinese investigators. You could call it a little miracle if you would like.

Elder Perkes

p.s. That is the Google Translate of Welcome in the subject, so it should be ok. 

Pi Day at the Zone Leaders' Apartment - Strawberry Rhubarb

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