Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Letter #6

9 September 2014 11:31 AM

So Friday was a pretty good day for all of us. Mostly because WE GOT OUR TRAVEL PLANS!!! But in all seriousness I'm super excited. We leave the MTC around 3:30 so we can catch our flight at 7:30 (gonna be a fun night). We should end up in Detroit at 12:57 and then we catch our other flight at 1:55. And then we should be in Montreal by 3:49. Just think, this time next week I'll be in Canada. GAA!! I'm so excited.
So I told you all that I was going for 6 bowls of ice cream last Wednesday. Unfortunately the line during dinner was way too long, but I was able to eat 4 bowls during lunch and I could feel every bowl that night during gym. Needless to say I think I'll stick with maybe 1 or 2 bowls from now on.

So we had some great speakers on Sunday. Because it was Fast Sunday there was a big devotional where a bunch of the presidency got up and talked. There's stuff about temples and missionary work  (obviously) and obedience and all sorts of good stuff. But then during zone fast and testimony meeting all the Tahisions (those going to Tahiti) got up and bore there testimonies. The spirit was great and it was just so exciting. They all left yesterday so now our floor feels a little empty. They were like the grandmas and grandpas of the zone, but it's nice to know they're all out serving now.

Random thought, have you every seen the Alberta temple? It's like a Mormon fortress and it's really cool. It's amazing how much work is being done on temples around the world. And the best part is is that they're all amazing and beautiful. Just little spots of Heaven on Earth I guess. We went to our last opportunity to go to the temple this morning and it was great.

So we've got some great teachers here at the MTC. Our districts 2 teachers are Frere Call and Frere Nash. They're both amazing and spiritual and I learn a ton from them (even though sometimes I don't understand a word what they're saying, but I can understand a lot more than what I used to). The gift of tongues is real and it helps so much with teaching and understanding.

So a great experience I had. I was reading 1 Corinthians 12:13-23. It's a great verse about how we are all one in purpose and that Heavenly Father has placed us where we are for a reason. Just because we don't do the same thing as someone else doesn't mean that we are not part of His plan. He loves everyone of us and wants us to succeed and fulfill what He would want us to do. Corinthians is full of awesome stuff and amazing doctrine (the rest of the scriptures are good, too).

Thank you all for the packages and the letters and all the awesome things you've sent me! I'm only going to have a week of DearElders left so if you haven't tried that out, it's pretty convenient. I love your emails and letters and support!

I am so grateful for temples and for teachers and for the opportunity to serve a mission. Je sais que l'église est vrais et que Joseph Smith retabli l'evangile. Je sais que Jésus-Christ est notre frère et Saveur. (just trying out my writing skills)

à bientôt,

Elder Perkes
I just want to let you all know I wish I could write to you all but they only give us an hour to use the computers. But hey, at least they give us an hour.

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