Monday, September 22, 2014

Letter #8

22 September 2014

Well I made it! With the 29 of us that came that day it was pretty crowded. We had about 3 tables set up and chairs everywhere and people were still standing up to eat. But after a long day of walking around airports and customs and people losing luggage and driving and waiting for people to get their visas, it was nice to be able to sit down in an actual home and eat burgers and hotdogs. That night all the Elders slept dowstairs and the Sisters slept upstairs. The basement floor was covered in inflatable mattresses and each of the them had a stuffed animal on it from the Emily (the 10 year daughter of the Patricks).

The next day we had a breakfast of quiche and diced potatoes and after we sang a bit. Then we all went up to Mount Royal to look over the whole city. It was really cool and we sang. The assissant to the president who I rode with (Elder Andersen) was asked by some people why we all looked so nice. He explained how we were missionaries and that what our message was. It was super cool! She got a picture so she would remember what the Mormon missionaries were like. It felt super awesome being there, even if I only said «Ya, most of us are from the States».

So, after that and some training at the Mission office, we met our companions! My new companion`s name is Elder Hunter, and he is from California. He`s only been out 3 months and in the same area that we are now. We are currently serving in St. Jean, an area about an hour South of Montréal. It was super great and he said that before our names were called that he already knew that I was going to be his companion.
Unfortunately when we got back to the apartment I was not feeling well and turned out I had a fever. So I napped for a long while

So, I`ve met a ton of people and have not been feeling the best so I`ll try to sum up most of what`s happend:
Alexandra: Taught her yesterday after Church. She`s super awesome and has been going to activites and has a good friend in the ward and been going to seminary with her friends. We had a super awesome lesson about the Holy Ghost and she said it helped her a lot!

One other investigator I`ve taught is Melena: She`s 16 and has a pretty crazy life. Her parents run a restaraunt and she has two brothers, but she`s super excited about Learning and we taught her about the first half of the Plan of Salvation.

My first Sunday here was pretty exciting. I helped passed the sacrament, but right when I was done, I had a coughing fit, not unlike the one during my Farewell, except that I left and went to the bathroom to try and calm down. It was super embarrassing but when I was done, I got to go up and bear my testimony and everyone said I did well for being here 3 days. It`s kind of funny because many people here speak French and English, but mostly french. I didn`t understand most of the meetings on Sunday so I`m pretty lost most of the time. Thankfully Elder Hunter knows what he`s doing.

I can`t wait to serve and tell you all more of what`s going on and maybe next time I`ll be a little more organized with my thoughts!
Elder Perkes

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