Monday, September 29, 2014

Letter #9

29 September 2014 @ 11:55 AM

Well, to answer some questions:

We drive a car everywhere, we will not ever get ipads (some weird canadian law), and me and my companion are getting along just fine.
I have mostly recovered from my first week of being sick so now I can feel great while I work.
Everyone here has their own little quirks. It`s fun listening to all these crazy stories. For some reason a bunch of people think we`re Jehovah`s Witnesses and we have to clarify that all the time.
I`ll start on Tuesday: Elder Hunter is 1st councelor in the Young men`s so we get to go to all those activities and help plan those. Our ward is pretty small so not a whole lot of Young men come, so we`ve got a little work there. That night I met this really nice old lady who lives in our building. We call her Grandma Nicole. She`s not planning on becoming a member but we`re still friends and she gave us some awesome chocolate cake. Elder Hunter also showed me how to do a Tim-Tam Slam. You get a Tim-Tam (chocolate wafer deliciousness), bite the corners, suck hot chocolate through, and then eat the whole thing. It was delightful.
Wednesday: We taught Bonnie and Veronique: two ladies who live together with Bonnie`s husband and kids. We brought Frere Grenier who made an awesome analogy on how the Gospel is like the North Star, always staying in one place while everyone else moves. Pretty great.
Thursday: We went to a Mission Conference with Elder Carlson of the 70. He taught a lot on how we need to listen and observe in order to teach effectively. We have 2 eyes and 2 ears for observing, and only 1 mouth. So, we as missionaries need to do a lot more listening and observing before we talk too much.
Friday: We did a companionship exchange with Elder Peery and Elder Pilling. Their area is Mont st-Hilaire, which is an hour away. I went with Elder Pilling to his area. That night we went to an appointment, but they had forgotten so we said we come by later. We then went to this guy named Andre for a little visit. He`s been going through some tough times and questioning a lot of things. When we got there, he was super excited and asked how to repent and if he could come to Church! It was awesome to see him so happy. After that we went back to the first appointment and taught a good lesson on prayer. They had a pet pig which was fun.
Sidenote: At random times when we`re on the outskirts of town, I`ve noticed a bunch of frogs hopping across the road I don`t know why but it makes me super happy.
Saturday: We taught Patricia. She`s this super awesome lady with 4 kids. She`s super solid in coming to Church and has already had a bunch of spirituel expériences and she and her daughter are planning to get baptised in the end of October! Way exciting!
Sunday: We had a good Sunday of fast and testimony meeting. I still don`t understand most of what people say, but I get some good bits here and there. After, we went tracting in this neighborhood in Iberville. No one was super interested, but everyone was very nice and we even ran into one of our investigators! She`s really busy with school and work, so we can only see her on Tuesdays, but weren`t able to last tuesday. Hopefully we`ll see her tomorrow.
Fun things about Canada: Milk comes in bags unless you go to Walmart. (They have a Walmart, Target, Burger King, Dairy Queen, and all sorts of other stores I wasn`t really expecting) I find it funny, but on all the golden arches of McDonalds, there`s a little red maple leaf. Canadian Pride I guess. I find a lot of similiar things between St. Jean and Cache Valley. There`s a downtown, a place with newer stores, old houses, new houses, farmland in the outskirts, etc. The major difference is that there are no mountains. It`s kind of scary and I have no sense of direction. But, it`s great.
I just want all of you to know that I`m happy to be out here and I know that the Church is true! We have a living prophet who leads and guides us and that the Book of Mormon is amazing! Being out here in the mission and studying it has made me appreciate is so much more.
Je vous aime!
Elder Perkes

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