Monday, October 6, 2014

Letter #10

6 October 2014 12:07 PM

So, conference was FANTASTIC! But I`ll get into that a little later.
Monday: After emails last week I got my own Canadien missionary bag! It`s quite fitting and now I look more the part.
Tuesday: For mutual, Elder Hunter came up with the idea to put questions in balloons as a get-to-know-you game. One Young man popped a balloon and then everyone answered the question. We had 2 Young men show up... We`re hoping to get others, but it`s kind of difficult with there only being like 5 in the whole ward. I did, however, play the opening hymn for everyone. I was really rusty and made a lot of mistakes so looks like I`ve got some practicing to do. After Young men`s we went to a Executive priesthood Council meeting where I understood the general idea of what was being said, but not really much else.
Wednesday and Thursday: Most of our plans fell through with lessons because of various circumstances with our investigators We tried some good old fashioned door-to-door tracting which was ok. We met some nice people but no one was very interested.
Friday: We had an awesome lesson with Patricia and Frere Steglitz (2nd councelor in the bishopbric). Her baptism is in 2 weeks and we are super excited!
Saturday: CONFERENCE!!!! actually, right before conference we visited the Beyney family. They had some cousins with them that just live down the road. They fed us an awesome breakfast of apple pie, raspberry and apple cobbler, crepes with what i thing were apples, and mangos. It was quite delicious. I also had a foam sword fight with their 2-year-old son. It was very intense with him climbing all over the sofa and both of us pretending to die every 3 minutes. After the battle, we had a nice thought on what we had studied that morning. I had studied the hymn`«I need thee every hour». Turns out hymns are awesome things to study. I mostly got from it how we need to give up our pride and act in order to receive the blessings that he provides. Now to some exciting stuff about conference: the satelite was broken, which was a dissappointment seeing how we saw them trying to fix it earlier in the week. But some nice members lended a computer to hook up to the internet and Elder Hunter and I watched it in the clerks office. After the 2nd session the Priesthood had a pizza and ping-pong party which was awesome and then we separated. the French session was in the chapel and the English was in the relief society room. The Granby Missionaries came too and we were all very excited to see that the MTC missionaries were singing! Did anyone else see David Morley singing in conference???? I would think all of the parents of those missionaries would be even more proud. And one thing about conference here: with the time change we have it 2 hours later. First session 12-2, 2nd 4-6, and priesthood from 8-10. Long night of so much spirit.
Sunday: CONFERENCE ROUND 2 (parts 3 and 4).
So basically most of conference was fantastic. Helping the needy, follow the prophet, good choices. I loved it all and it was weird to think that at the same time in different parts of the world my family and friends and other missionaries were all watching the same conference. It brought back good memories of eating a sugary breakfast and sitting on the couch in my pajamas watching it on the TV in my basement. A little different in a small chapel in St. Jean (which is where we watched).
Today: The highlight of this morning was the Poutine! It was so good. I might just have to by some poutine sauce (yes, it is a special sauce) to send home.
Being a missionary is crazy! I love it and I`m so grateful for Elder Bednar`s talk. He basically told the world exactly what were doing and why. It was suer great. I hope you all listened and took some good stuff home. In our Mission conference last week we had a little quiz at the end that consisted of 2 questions: 1. What did you learn? and 2. What are you going to change?
I hope you are all doing well and I pray for you. The mission is awesome! It`s rough and tough and weird buying groceries for ourselves but hey, it`s the life.
Elder Perkes
Sorry no pics, no time today.

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