Monday, October 27, 2014

Letter #13

27 October 2014 @ 11:48 AM

Quelque choses that happened this week:

I bought a nice big coat and a sweet hat last lundi. The hat was $5 but the coat was... a little more. Also, we had an awesome lesson with Milena. She`s been having some troubles and has been feeling kind of down, but she always seems happy to see us. We had a great lesson on obeying the commandments and how it will bless our lives. On mardi we had mutual night. Only one Young man showed up so he carved pumpkins with the Young women while Elder Hunter and i baked some cookies (unfortunately we had some left over cookie dough and when we cooked it later in the week, we cooked them for too long :( ). At the district meeting on mercredi we talked about our favorite BoM missionaries and their attributes. I chose Samuel the Lamanite because he was Bold and Courageous but also pretty Creative. They kicked him out or the city, and I guess the wall wasn`t technically «in» the city so BAM! preaching with power. One thing that I want to try applying more to missionary work is using my own talents to talk to, relate to, and find new people. We also went on an exchange with Elder Peery and Elder Pilling (I went with Elder Peery to Mt. St. Hiliaire). You know what is super good? Fresh pinapple and vanilla ice cream. But vendredi was pretty awesome. We help a geneology night for members and anyone else. We had about 11 people show up, 2 of which were non-members. Not quite the turnout we had hoped, but hey, those 2 people got a good night. Then samedi was pretty good. Except that it was nice weather all day and then we got a flat tire. We drove to Frere Nicole`s house and went to a lesson with Milena again (it was awesome. She`s been reading and praying and has had all sorts of awesome spiritual expériences and she wants to get baptised! Woohoo!) But when we returned to Frere Nicole`s, it was raining, and we had to change the tire. But it was a good experience. But we`ve gotten rain here almost everyday now so that wasn`t too unexpected. Unfortuneately Patricia and Mylène were unable to get baptised on Samedi. It`s not that they weren`t ready, but there were some complications and confusion and doubts and prayers and spiritual advice and way too much stuff going on that it was unable to happen. When we first told Patricia, she was very dissappointed. But later she text us and said that everything is well and good and Heavenly Father knows what he`s doing and when the time is right. So we`re planning on 1 or 2 weeks from now.

So that`s the week in the nutshell! I hope all is going well and I`m so greatful for the Gospel and for the comfort and guidance and happiness it brings! It`s just so awesome to see the change it makes in people`s lives!
Elder Perkes

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