Monday, October 13, 2014

Letter #11

Monday, 13 October 2014 @ 9:54 AM

So, last week we decided I needed a haircut. We thought about going and actually paying $20 bucks somewhere, but then we got a $15 razor at Walmart and did it ourselves. I`ll send a pic and you can tell me how Elder Hunter did. Also, on monday at Walmart, we met a lady from Australia! she was with her kids and they had planned to stay in the US for 6 months (long vacation) and she came up to canada for a bit! Monday night we ate at Frere Lane`s house (our ward mission leader). We had turkey and rice and cheesecake. Frere Nicole (ward family history specialist who comes with us to a lot of lessons) came with us. They were discussing something and Soeur Lane said `ban voyons donc` which basically means `you gotta be kidding me`. But the way I discribe the Quebecois way of saying it is like saying bow-wow-ow-don very nasaly like you`re immitading a banjo. Fun stuff.
Milena: super awesome 16-year-old girl. We had a lesson on monday and she accepted the invitation to be baptised! super excited about that. She even came to church yesterday and had a super awesome spiritual experience when Soeur Montrieul talked about the importance of praying all the time. 

We met this guy named Babu on wednesday. He`s from Banglidesh. I just thought Babu was an awesome name. Also, we had a lesson with Vincent. He has 1 daughter and we met him outside his house one day last week. It was my first first lesson and it went pretty well, explaining the restorations and such.

Thursday was Elder Hunter`s Birthday so what was the best thing to do? Go out tracting in the pouring rain! It was super cold and rain everywhere but we met a guy who accepted a BoM and then as soon as we were done, the sun came out and there was a super awesome rainbow. Soon after the rainbow we went and ate at the Montrieul`s with Patricia and her family. Soeur Montrieul is the YW president and Frere Montrieul is the 2nd counselor in the bishopbric. They`re super awesome. After some enchiladas Soeur Montrieul brought out a Pikachu Ice Cream cake from DQ (Elder Hunter is a Pokemon fan. Frere Montrieul is also and kept calling him Elder `Haunter` if you get that reference).

Saturday we went to `rebirthday` party for Michelle, a non-member lady who do service for every week. She was celebrating 1 year of being cancer free. She and her friends are Bahais (I think that`s how it`s spelled). Her friends had a lot of questions, but we did find out how similiar Mormons and Bahais are (except for a few details). Some even excepted a BoM and said we could visit another time and teach some more.
Patricia is still doing awesome and we set up some stuff for her baptism in 2 weeks.
Sorry that my emails are a little scattered. I`m still trying to organize my thoughts and what I want to say. One day I`ll figure it out.
Elder Perkes

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