Monday, October 20, 2014

Letter #12

20 October 2014 @ 11:45 AM

So this week went by pretty well. Monday was actually Thanksgiving here, so that was fun. The Canadien Thanksgiving is not like America. Everything was still open and it`s more just a long weekend and you have a nice dinner with family and friends. We went to the Montreuil`s house and ate lots of food.

We`ve been trying to visit more and more members because tracting is no fun. But I feel like we are getting a better Relationship with the members here, now we just need to work on helping them do their own missionary work. Have I already said that everyone things we`re Jehovah`s Witnesses? Because it`s true.

But, some good news: Patricia and Mylène are going to be baptised this week! I can`t remember if I explained this or not but Mylène is the 2nd child of Patricia and is 16. We`ve done some planning and a little more teaching of commandments and stuff to make sure they`re prepared. We were a little worried about Mylène because she wasn`t always at the lessons with her mom, but with some planning, studying, and a LOT of prayer, everything looks alright for Saturday and Sunday.

We`re also planning on a Family History night on Friday. We keep being told to use Geneology in finding, so we thought we`d give it a try. I`ll let you know how it goes.

We`ve had a lot of rain this week and it just keeps getting colder and colder. We plan on getting some good winter stuff this week so that we don`t freeze. We`ve hear from a lot of people that it is going to come early, fast, and cold. I`m excited for snow and take lots pictures and to NOT get frost bite. Yay, winter!
Elder Perkes

Spiritual thought:

So, in personal study one morning I was reading 1 Néphi 17 or 18. It`s when Néphi is commanded to build the boat to cross the many waters. Here`s my thought process: God commanded Néphi to build a boat. When He commanded him, Néphi responded with where can I find the ore to make Tools. He had to find the ore, which he prayed to find. Then he made the Tools (which he went into some detail with bellows and such) and then he built the boat how God wanted him to. Pray, find the ore, make the Tools, build the boat how God wants. You can take this in a variety of different ways, but I just wanted to share that small thought with you all.
Elder Perkes...again

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