Monday, November 3, 2014

Letter #14

Monday, 3 November 2014 @ 11:59 AM

Quick burst of the week:

Last sunday I forgot to tell you that I did play the piano in sacrament meeting, and let`s just say I need some practicing.

Tuesday we made catapults with the one Young man who came and had a little party with him because he moved on Saturday. We launched a couple of candies and had a competition. I lost with 200 points and Pradel (the Young man) won with 700. That day we had gone tracting around an awesome family neighborhood and two Young kids coming home from school came up to us and said ``Qu`est-ce que vous faites?`` which means what are you doing? We showed them some pics in the front of the BoM. We just thought how awesome it would be to bring them to Primary, so we`ll definately go back.

Wednesday we met Akim, a guy from Africa who just took a BoM when we offered it. He left to Québec today, though, so we might not see him for a while. But we planted a seed. Thursday we had an awesome District meeting and we talked about how Good, Better, Best applies to Docterine, Principle, and Application. Knowing the Doctrine is good, understanding the Principle is better, but actually Applying it to your life is the best. Then, that night we had a lesson with Milena and commited her to a date for Baptisim! and her mom wants to start coming to Church and get the family involved! We`re super excited for them.

Friday was Halloween as well. We had to go in a little earlier because trick or treaters starting going out. Turns out, halloween is pretty big here. I saw quite a few houses with a LOT of décorations and we had an awesome party with the ward. And I ate too much candy. Good stuff though. Saturday we helped a family move ad then went to stake Conference. The Book of Mormon Musical is playing in Montréal and since it`s not really a Church function, they came out with some new pass-along-cards saying things like «the book is always better» and they are doing a flashmob near it as well. Unfortunately we are too far to be in the flashmob, but there will be videos and such. Also, they`re doing a big push in getting social media to spread the gospel, so that`ll be cool to get Rolling.
So, that`s that in a nut shell.

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