Thursday, November 13, 2014

Letter #15

Monday, 10 November 2014 @ 11:38 AM

So, I`m trying to focus on some more spiritual things in my letters. It`s hard for me to write EVERYTHING that goes on because I look back on the week and it think, «Well, I was just doing missionary work. All these things are normal.» the hardest part is that they`re not. Anywho, spiritual things:
I realized how simple the gospel is. Heavenly Father truly does work by small and simple means to bring about great things. Satan just likes to throw in complications to confuse the honest seeker from the plain and simple truths right in front of him.

Wednesday we had our district meeting and the Zone Leaders came. It was fantastic. We talked about how the Lord really is hastening his work and that honest and sincere prayer help soooo much. After, we went to a little neighborhood and met Philip. He was getting out of his car and we stopped him and said he`d listen while he waited for his friend. We talked to him about the Restoration and he said that he was a little curious. Then his friend showed up and we said hi and bye and he left us with his number so we could set up another time. That night we had a little lesson with Patricia and we read throught Moroni 10 and just discussed what it talked about. She has a super solid testimony and we will be setting up a new baptismal date tonight! Exciting stuff!
Thursday we had delicious lunch at our stake president`s house (he lives in our ward). We had scallop potatoes, chicken, and a delicious salad. Then we had sorbet that came in the frozen shell of what flavor it was (ex. orange sorbet came in a frozen orange peel). American Joke from President Pirlet: What do Americans say for «Bon appétit!» ? 

«Good luck»

We had a good laugh about that.

Sunday we had ward conference. It`s still pretty hard for me to understand what is being said, but I get the general idea most of the time. In Priesthood we talked about missionary work, and how we feel when we do it. It was a little odd, but hopefully we can use that to spark more inspiration for members to do missionary work. There was a great big pot-luck after and I ate way too much food. I need to work out more. Then, that night after we had supper at Frere Lane`s house, we visited this family Samsons. Elder Williams, Elder Hunter`s trainer, knew their son and they had contacted them before and had supper there, but last night we talked and had a restoration lesson and scheduled a return date. They were very active in the conversasion and we are excited to teach them.

So, one thing I forgot to mention, for some odd reason everyone thinks that Elder Hunter and I are siblings. Not entirely sure why. But, it`s getting dark around 4:30 here and it is just getting colder and colder. We`re buying around 1 or 2 winter things each week to prepare. Next week we are going to change to winter tires. But we still bought some ice cream today. Sometimes good things do come from cold.

Elder Perkes

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