Monday, November 17, 2014

Letter #16

17 November 2014 @ 11:58 AM

So, some exciting things happened this last week. Monday I had cake for three meals (not just cake, but cake was involved). Not doing that again. But, Monday night, we aranged a new baptismal date for Patricia and Mylène! Unfortunately it is the same day as the Montréal Flashmob. But that will be ok with some awesome planning skills.

Tuesday we had trainer/trainee meeting. It was awesome! President Patrick and Sister Patrick gave excellent talks and testimonies. Mostly, we talked a lot about using the resources we`ve been given. The Church and Heavenly Father has given us all these resources (scriptures, pamphlets, videos, manuels, etc.) And they have been given to us for a specific reason.

Wednesday we taught the Restoration to Milena. We watched the video as well and she loved it! She has such a strong testimony of God and prayer. Hopefully she`ll stay on that right track.

Thursday we were driving home from an exchange (which went ok, except I am not the best at planning at the moment) and we saw 3 70ish year old ladies raking leaves. So, Elder Hunter pulled over and we got out to ask and she held out the rake and just kept saying «thank you! thank you!» It was pretty cool. We talked a little after about her. She takes care of this big yard for an old person hospital. We got her number and hopefully we`ll be able to teach her soon!

Friday we woke up to a couple of flakes of snow. Saturday we didn`t see too much.

Sunday, we were going to a Bishop`s fireside for the youth, but we stopped to help an older lady with her bags. At first she was a little hesitant but when we started helping her walk, she talked to us about her family and where she was from and different things. When we arrived at her appartment she said that we could come back some time and share the good word! cool stuff.

Then we come to today. It is snowing. A lot. Not blizzard and 2 inches of snow, but it is snowing and we are getting our tires changed today. Should be good.

One thing that I learned this week is to appreciate the little moments. The little acts of kindness. The Sunset. The city lights at night. The first snow flakes. And little moments with people. Yesterday I threw away some garbage for an old bent over lady who could barely walk. She just said, «nice boys» as she walked away, but felt so good to just do a little act of service. When life gets you down, look back on the good moments and what God has given you.

Hope all is well and that you`re staying warm (we`ll be trying)
Elder Perkes
So, p day this next week is going to be on Tuesday because of Zone training. So don`t freak out when there`s no emailmonday. Just to let you know.
Also, last thing, this morning while we were doing some grocery shopping, guess what I heard? Christmas music. It`s beginning to look and sound a lot like Christmas here already

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