Monday, December 1, 2014

Letter #18

1 December 2014 @ 11:45 AM

This week has been a little shorter than normal due to the Zone Conference on Monday and the P-day on tuesday, but it`s been a pretty good week too.

We were able to see the Samsons a couple of times this week. The lesson we had was a little rough, but we were able to save it in the end. Lise Samson (the wife) is pretty good at reading and she really has the desire to follow Christ. We`re still working on helping them receive a testimony of Joseph Smith, but they`re coming along. Thursday Morning we had our own Turkey Trot (that`s for you Mom). We ran about 25 minutes which to me seems a lot easier here than in Utah. Maybe I`m not running fast enough. Then we had a 2nd Turkey Trot that night. Sœur Hebert, a very nice lady in our ward, had made us some turkey, but we parked on the wrong side of her building. We were running late, so we decided to just run to the other side. She gave us the turkey and even said she had a friend that wanted to come to Church! so , we`re very excited about that, but still running late, so we «trotted» quickly back the car with the turkey in hand. Therefore, our second Turkey Trot.
That night we were supposed to meet a guy, but he was not home. So we did some calls and tracting for a bit and then went to English class. Unfortunately we didn`t do as much advertising as we had hoped, so the only one who showed up was Pierre Corriveau. To give a little background, Pierre met with the missionaries 25 years ago, but if he joined the Church it would have created conflict within his family, so he decided not to. Then few months ago he ran into Elder Hunter and Elder Williams and talked with them for a bit. He is super nice and into geneology. He already knows English but he wanted to help with the class. So, with no one else there, we decided to talk with him for a bit. We went Inside the the Church building and we just talked for a little bit about... a lot of stuff. It was so awesome to talk with him and really feel of his love for us and for Christ. He`s just a good guy who wants to help with anything. In the end he said, «I want you to succeed, I just don`t know why». He`s just fantastic.

So Saturday we had a thing called Social Media Splits. Three stakes here did it and the goal was to flood Facebook and Twitter and other things of such nature with pictures and videos of what Missionaries do from day to day. Kind of show that we`re normal people. We did some studies and some service and it was kind of a weird day, but we got through it. While we were preparing for this we watched a talk that explained how all technological advancements were created for the Hastening of the Lord`s Work. Social media is a fantastic way to spread the gospel. Sharing spiritual videos, uplifting pictures, favorite quotes and scriptures can all be shared with the world in seconds. It`s pretty amazing if you think about it. Can you imagine Moses or Néphi looking down on us thinking about this great tool we have?

Other than that, a pretty good week. We met some nice people contacting, Milena is coming along well with her testimony and Patricia and Mylène are continuing to grow in the gospel.
It`s sunny right now and the day is bright.
Elder Perkes
p.s.  I don`t remember if I mentioned this before but has new video called He is the Gift. Check it out and Share it with #sharethegift

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